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BadCreditHistory : All-In-One Loan Destination

As a dependable online lending hub in the UK, We feel proud to present the ‘all-in-one loan destination’ to all the families here. It has workable loan deals for those individuals, who is facing the consequences of unexpected unemployment. They can apply for unemployed loans here and seek for an early revival of their finances. Besides that, these jobless people are also eligible even if they are going through troubles of bad credit history in the UK.

Creating a platform for the prompt and proper financial assistance is objective of BadCreditHistory. The instant payday loans are the best examples of it. No more intervention of unnecessary documentation certainly relieves borrowers from hefty procedures and they can complete the application steps within 10 minutes. Moreover, they get instant and guaranteed approval on their loan applications.

Our responsive lending approach is enough for the loan seekers to apply for loans without any extra burden. We offer no guarantor loans to make easier for our prospective borrowers where they just need to focus on the application procedure rather than wasting time in finding out a guarantor. Remember, if you want to become the qualified borrower of BCH, then you should not worry about interest rates, as we are always competitive.

A perfect landing place is always responsible and it is what BadCreditHistory is all about. We are equally dependable to apply for very bad credit loans as we are for the people with good or poor credit history. Whether you have defaults or CCJ against your name, we will lend by considering your present financial situation and income status. Thus, approaching us clearly indicates a better finance for you.

Loan Products that Merge with Your Situation Easily

Do you need funding more quickly? Want to celebrate Christmas with no financial hassle? If your answer is yes, then choose your favourite loan option here:

No Guarantor Loans

No Guarantor Loans

Don’t spoil your relations, apply for our loans with no guarantor on easy approval.

Instant Payday Loans

Instant Payday Loans

Why bear the pain of formalities when you can get instant payday loans?

Christmas Loans

Christmas Loans

Be full of life as Christmas loans can put a smile on your face. Celebrate it!

Unemployed Loans

Unemployed Loans

Do not get depressed, our unemployed loans are there to support you financially.

Benefits that you’ll get here

We are indeed the best choice for those, who are looking for bad credit loans from direct lender. But unlike other direct lenders, we are quite determined and dedicated to the growth of your overall finances. Just take a look at these benefits and everything will be cleared:

Online Application

No need to leave your home, just sit online and complete the entire application procedure within 10 minutes and with no involvement of the paperwork.

Instant Approval

No matter whether you are looking for payday loans or Bad Credit Loans, we commit to provide you instant funding access, if your application is approved.

Improve Credit Scores

We improve not just your financial scenario but also the overall credit profile because our loan products are available with flexible repayment terms.

Loan Disbursal in 24 Hrs

Now solve your financial issues within a single day, as we transfer the funds to your registered bank account within 24 hours.

Effect of Good and Bad Credit Score

Good Credit Score
  • Low APR
  • Affordable Interest Rate
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval
  • No other Paperwork
  • No Extra Charges to Pay
  • Fast Approval
  • No Need of Guarantor
  • Take Credit Score to Excellent
Bad Credit Score
  • High APR Rate
  • 70-80% Approval
  • Need Some Documents
  • Broker and Upfront Charges
  • Lengthy Application Process
  • Need A Guarantor
  • Improved Credit Score from Bad to Good
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs or Questions and Answers are listed questions and answers,
all supposed to be commonly asked.

BadCreditHistory considers everyone as its potential borrower. Any person, who is 18 years of age or above, can submit the loan applications. Among other general requirements are a valid bank account, permanent residence in UK, and an income status.
We take care of your finances and vow to offer sufficient amount so that you can easily meet your expenses. The loan amount depends upon your prevailing circumstances, but we have set the lending amount from £1000 to £50000.
A day or a week? NO. BCH has built its reputation among those loan providers in the UK’s FinTech Market, who bring the financial assistance on an instant for its borrowers. You will get the same day approval on your loan applications.
No matter how flexible the lending policy is, there are few restrictions for those individuals, who have a very bad credit score. They may be eligible for the loan, but on the higher interest rates. Or, they must have a satisfactory income status and a responsible guarantor.
Yes, you can easily get a loan. BadCreditHistory follows the unbiased lending approach where unemployed people can also seek for the financial help. They can even apply for loans despite bad credit, if they have a guarantor to back them or the collateral to secure the borrowed sum.
What Our Client's Say

Pleasure to have funding from a reputed online direct lender like BCH. You guys are amazing in timely-service and the loan deals just have the right terms for any borrowers. I applied bad credit loans, now my finances are safe, and my credit score has much improved now. Thanks a lot guys.

Jayden, London, UK

I will never hesitate to refer the name of Bad Credits History to anyone. Yes. I am highly satisfied with the financial help and loan deals of the company. I opted for instant payday loans with no guarantor feature. It was quite helpful and now I have repaid the amount easily on time to have feeling of satisfaction. Very glad to have your services.

Ethan, Birmingham, UK

There is nothing like a miracle for me. Two months ago I had lack of funds and I had to pay out my university fees. One of my friends told me to apply no guarantor loans from BCH; I did the same and got the funds on the same day of application submitted. It was indeed a nice experience for me with the company and I will refer it again whenever I need a loan.

Grayson J. Leeds, UK
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