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A New Appearance of Modern-Day Lending

Aspirations give birth to needs and needs create the demand. Financial life fluctuates around this concept, and loans have a significant role to play.

BadCreditHistory has emerged among the most reliable players in the UK marketplace known for its ‘New-Age Lending’.

What is new-age lending?

It is all about for the borrowers, of the borrowers, and by the borrowers. We always believe in the concept and bring out deals that are only borrower-friendly. Impossibility does not have any space here, and the possibility has covered the entire sphere. Irrespective of your financial background, we prefer only your present performance while framing the loan deals that are liked by you.       

No one has the sole right on the funding. It is available for everyone. Whether there are loans for unemployed for bad credit existing with an extra clause of no guarantor, or unsecured loans, each loan deal and its terms are acceptable to our borrowers.

Why are we Different?

Many direct lenders in the UK ‘offer’ loans, but we used to ‘serve’ the loans for the borrowers’ financial interests. We bring the following advantages to your favour, such as:

  • Soft approach towards your credit performance
  • Everyone eligible whether tenants or homeowners
  • Funding for excellent, good, fair, bad or very poor credit ratings
  • Easy-to-be-eligible loan criteria
  • Online lending makes everything prompt and proper

Your one loan application brings many good moments in your life, and that is for sure.


Loans are the means of funding the borrowers’ financial needs. For us, it is more than that, as we use loans to stable and strengthen your finances. Such objective makes us capable of bringing instant loans for unemployed and again no guarantor as the crucial exemption. Here we believe on other concept of L-O-A-N.

L- Lavishness in Lending Solutions

You may have lost the job, but you cannot lose the grip over your finances. We are rich to our loan products dedicated to unemployed people living in whichever city in the UK.

O – Options invite Opportunity

We give multiple options to jobless individuals like applying online at our website or avail the facility of doorstep lending to have the opportunity of getting funds instantly.

A – Affordability of Smooth Borrowing

We owe it as our responsibility for making affordable loan plans that can work for a large number of unemployed borrowers. Our 100% online procedure ensures every step is smooth to apply.

N - No Discrimination in Credit Scores

We respect traditional lending. However, we also focussed on improving it with opening lending doors for the people with any credit scores. No biased lending, only one policy, i.e. fair lending for everyone.


You cannot hide the financial problems, and we cannot hide their solutions.

As a responsible lender, we feel delighted to serve the financial purposes of thousands of people, primarily through doorstep loans like Provident. We are quite capable of doing that without any hassle. It becomes possible only through our simple and straightforward application procedure.

1. Choose Your Loan OfferAnalyse your current financial needs and capacity to choose the most suited loan deal. You can seek fee-free advice from our financial experts.

2. Apply Through Online ApplicationOnce you choose our loan offer, it is the time to apply via filling an online application form. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

3. Carefully Insert the True Personal DetailsComplete the form with the mandatory details, and each one of them should be accurate. Only genuine loan applications will be considered.

4. Submit the Online Form and Wait for Approval It is time to submit the online form with proper attention. You won’t have to wait for days to seek approval, as it comes immediately.


5. Same-day Acceptance and Fund TransferWe decide on to your loan application on the same day and disburse the desired funds subsequently through the online bank transfer.


Your queries, our answers...your confusion, our solutions...your problems, our options

It is effortless to get instant loans despite no job and no guarantor to back you. We are ready to accept your loan request based on:
  • Your capacity of part-time income
  • Your recent financial performance
  • Your sincerity towards the lending process
Of course, you are eligible to avail loans for bad credit and even if you do not have a guarantor. The loan benefits will remain the same as:
  • Instant funding access
  • No credit score check
  • No upfront charges and no surprises
  • Only online loan applications accepted
You only need to approach us during this difficult time with no employment. You require following the simple online application procedure with no burden of documentation, that’s it:
  • Apply online by filling an online application form
  • Submit it after mentioning all the details
  • Get quick approval and fund disbursal
Following are the benefits that you can get with the cash loans: You can save both time and money with doorstep funding Having a bank account is not mandatory at all People with physically disabled can easily follow the procedure Helping hand of our experienced and qualified financial experts
It can be possible, but you may need to pay higher interest rates. BadCreditsHistory promises you to offer loans on competitive interest rates in the market. We usually approve loan application on the borrowers’ income status. Thus, you have every chance of getting these loans.
Of course, yes. You can qualify for the emergency unemployed loans as long as you have some sort of income bases such as freelancing, rental property, part-time income and many more. Our primary concern is the repayment on time.
What Our Client's Say

Pleasure to have funding from a reputed online direct lender like BCH. You guys are amazing in timely-service and the loan deals just have the right terms for any borrowers. I applied bad credit loans, now my finances are safe, and my credit score has much improved now. Thanks a lot guys.

Jayden, London, UK

I will never hesitate to refer the name of Bad Credits History to anyone. Yes. I am highly satisfied with the financial help and loan deals of the company. I opted for instant payday loans with no guarantor feature. It was quite helpful and now I have repaid the amount easily on time to have feeling of satisfaction. Very glad to have your services.

Ethan, Birmingham, UK

There is nothing like a miracle for me. Two months ago I had lack of funds and I had to pay out my university fees. One of my friends told me to apply no guarantor loans from BCH; I did the same and got the funds on the same day of application submitted. It was indeed a nice experience for me with the company and I will refer it again whenever I need a loan.

Grayson J. Leeds, UK
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